a fun, creative pathway to health and wellbeing


NIA CLASSIC - The traditional holistic class with the intent for conditioning the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

NIA GENTLE - A nourishing class which provides the time and space for you to mindfully connect to life-force energy and moving in a pleasurable and sustainable way.

Nia is a package of all the right things!  So much more than just dance or fitness - Nia gives you the space and skills to discover the possibilities, healing power and grace within YOUR unique body both in and out of class.

And you'll have fun as you do it!  Playful, freeing and flexible, this is a dynamically balanced program that helps to condition and harmonise your body, mind, emotions and spirit by integrating 9 movement forms from the Dance Arts, Martial Arts and Healing Arts.

They include: 
Modern Dance, Duncan Dance and Jazz Dance
Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do and Aikido
Yoga, The Alexander Technique, and the Teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais.

Drawing on such rich disciplines, the class bubbles to life!  It's appeal is that no matter what your age, dance ability or body type, Nia will deliver a richly rewarding and inspiring experience. 

The Class Format

Nia is delivered in a non-competitive and self-explorative way which allows the participants freedom to express and adapt the movements guided by the sensation of pleasure and joy.   There are easy-to-follow steps delivered in an easy format.  The instructor guides you through a blend of moderate to dynamic cardio conditioning and gentle healing holistic moves.

The classes are practiced barefoot, and draw further passion and inspiration from a range of energising music to improve one's strength, flexibility, agility, self-awareness, vocalisation, full-body conditioning, balance, co-ordination, and vitality.

By encouraging people to discover moving in their Body's Way, students form a closer, healthier relationship to their own body - and discover a joy in the incredible variety of movement possibilities available to them.

Health Benefits of Nia

* Increases mobility, awareness, and connection to self.

* Improves focus and concentration.

* Develops one’s innate healing, sensory intelligence and inner strengths.

* Fosters confidence, joyful living and resilience.


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Some students speaking of their experience....

"Discovering Carolyn was life changing for me. Her teaching style has me hooked. Always fun, challenging and manageable. She has an intuitive way of extending her pupils without making it impossible. And for me to witness such a beautiful dancer adds to my joy and passion to pursue Nia every week. Thank you for making a difference to my health and happiness Carolyn."
- Lyn (Gestalt Therapist)

"I love taking part in your class because number one you are a great facilitator. Secondly, Nia makes me feel inspired invigorated and energetic. It also helps me becoming aware of my body where I might have an area that needs attention that I can work on. Nia brings my attention to my posture when I am lifting, sitting and other movements. I find the movements gentle unlike aerobics or high impact exercise. I love the way the focus is on body alignment."
- Karina (Sales Assistant)

"You have helped me so much with the increasing physical problems I was experiencing & I go out with fantastic exercises with which I can help myself. Nia has been wonderful for helping me to free up & to find a joy in movement again that I have not had since muscle problems started developing a number of years ago."
- Carol

"It was a great gift to experience the abundant joy and exuberance that radiates through Carolyn as she shares her passion for Nia. This contribution was a such a perfect addition at our week-long Partner Yoga training. I highly recommend you experience Nia through Carolyn for yourself!"
- Elysabeth (Founder of Principle-Based Partner Yoga)

"Carolyn embodies the Nia slogan ‘Joy of Movement’. I can’t help smiling when she demonstrates the next move and it looks so fun and is exactly why I have come to her class. I’m free to dance in a new way, explore my unknown and soak up Carolyn’s enthusiasm. I let go and go for it!"
- Alysha (Alexander Technique teacher)