Graceful Qi seeks to provide a delightful way to bring movement and grace into your life.  It's about getting to know yourself better, finding inner strength and understanding, so you can secure many full years of harmonious living.

I have the wish to share these wonderful practices with those willing to explore, those who wish to go on an adventure and those who wish to discover their innate healing power!

As a former professional dancer with the Australian Ballet Company, an original cast member and teacher for the Phantom of the Opera, a graduate of Monash University, a Black Sash in Tai Chi, and a life-time enthusiast of movement practices, I bring my stories, my hopes, my continual training, my spark and my passion to the studio.  These practices are the kindest, most powerful and sustainable practices I have come across.  And they are accessible and available to everyone willing to give them a go.  No matter your background, these can bring great long-term benefits, positivity and sense of well-being to all.

I chose the words Graceful Qi for my business, as grace is what I aspire to in all aspects of conduct and thought.  Qi pronounced "chee", is the Chinese word for energy or breath....such a fundamentally important component of life!  I love the idea of being able to train my students in cultivating both, so they can flow with ease and be filled with radiant energy!

I look forward to meeting you in class soon!   

Carolyn Yuen
Graceful Qi